10 Non-English fantasy authors to add to you reading list in 2020

The imminent arrival of The Witcher of Netflix has reminded fans of the fantasy genre that not all the best stories come out of English authors. Andrzej Sapkowski is a Polish novelist, whose books have been translated into myriad languages, including English, after his books took off in his mother tongue.

Expand your reading options with these ten fantasy authors who also wrote their epics in a language other than English.

Liu Cixin

A Chinese science fiction author, Liu Cixin has won the Galaxy Award, China’s most prestigious sci-fi literary award, an impressive nine times. His most well-known novel is The Three-Body Problem, which is the first in a trilogy called Remembrance of Past Earth. Set against the background of China’s Cultural Revolution, a secret military project sends signals into space and established contact with an alien civilisation.

Pierre Grimbert

Pierre Grimbert is a French fantasy author who has won the Prix Ozone award for the best French language fantasy novel, and the Prix Julia Verlanger, for the best sci-fi novel in any language. He has written thirteen novels in a series known as the Ji Mythos. The series is set in a land called the Known World, where magicians and warriors roam free and the gods are a very important part of life. Some people have the special psychic gift to share psychic bonds with animals.

Luo Guanzhong

Showing that the modern era does not have a monopoly on good storytelling, Luo Guanzhong is believed to have lived in 14th century China and is believed to have written the new popular novel Three Kingdoms, which is part historical novel and part mythical romance. Like George R.R. Martin, the novel follows hundreds of characters, but at the heart of the story are three power blocs struggling for dominance over a period of almost 100 years.

Silvana de Mari

An Italian fantasy novelist, Silvana de Mari has won many awards for the 18 novels that she has to her name. Her most well-known work is The Last Elf saga. Set in a post-apocalyptic work, the last elf in existence goes on a journey to seek out the large dragon, believing that together they can save existence. A more childish world than some fans might be used to, the themes explored are still incredibly deep.

Alexey Pehov

A Russian native, Pehov is best known for his award-winning series, The Chronicles of Siala. The story is set in a world of fantastic beings, such as giants and ogres. In the first novel, the darker inhabitants of the world and brought together under a single banner by a mysterious and nameless evil. We follow the people of the city of Avendom as the stand up to this seemingly unstoppable evil.

Andri Snaer Magnason

An Icelandic author, Magnason shows us that Scandinavian authors are capable of more than just good crime thrillers (though they are excellent). His standalone novel Lovestar is set in a world where technology has gone too far. REGRET machines eliminate doubt about choices not made, and soul mates are brought together by artificial intelligent, and inappropriate couples driven asunder. A young couple has their happiness threatened when they are calculated apart.

Licia Troisi

Another Italian author, Licia Troisi is prolific, having written almost 20 novels. Her first outing was the Chronicles of the Emerged World trilogy, which is set I a fantasy world where a tyrant Aster is gathering an army to dominate the eight lands. When a young half elf has her world destroyed by the tyrant, she sets out on a mission to become a Dragon Knight in order to stop the tyrant and get revenge for her loss.

Maria Turtschaninoff

This Finnish author is best known for her Red Abbey Chronicles. The first book in the series, Maresi was published in 2014 and won the Finlandia Junior Prize, and the film rights have already been purchased by UK company Film4. Aimed at young adults, it starts with a young woman fleeing her father who finds herself in an Abbey. She is on the path to learn about herself, but also darker secrets.

Alex Uth

A Daish writer, his debut model unravels the history of Denmark. A strange entity travels through time, stealing thrones and changing the course of history. A young man must go on a quest to restore history before it is too late.

Lars Vasa Johansson

Lars Vasa Johansson is a prolific Swedish author, who has also done a lot of work in Swedish television. He has three novels to his name, the first called The Great Reality Escape. Set in a fantasy forest kingdom, the queen calls for help, but instead she gets Anton, a misfit magician with an ego and a personal agenda.

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