2020: The year female directors will be recognized

Hats off to Netflix for trusting in female directors and therefore, swimming in their potential for success. “Netflix’s value for inclusion is reflected in their 2019 slate,” said Stacy L. Smith. “[Legacy] studios must recognize that the world and the talent pipeline look vastly different from their hiring practices and act to reflect that reality.”

Snubbed during the Golden Globes, it proves nothing less for female directors. Thanks to Netflix, they’re finally coming out to prove their place in Hollywood and other platforms.

Netflix, according to the Annenberg Inclusive Initiative at the University of South Carolina, had female directors taking lead of 20% of the 53 original US films during the course of 2019––doubling the 10.6% rate of representation for female directors of the top 100 top-grossing US films of 2019. There would’ve been more than 53 original US films, but the statistics didn’t include documentaries, non-English films, and international Netflix originals.

Obviously, Netflix has already took a step further by focusing on becoming a more diverse workplace to address an equally diverse audience. Their risky movies and films show that they are trying to cater to other masses, even if they’re not as big as their other films.

The movement stemmed from 2007 to 2019 where female directors are involved in 4.8% of top films. This is the reason why the 2019 statistics are revolutionary, because we’re finally in the right track as we start the decade. Also, Universal Pictures had five films where female directors were spearheading!

If female directors were scarce, what more those women of color? According to Stacy Smith, the founder of the initiative, “less than 1% of all directors across 13 years were women of color.” And this is considering four of the past year’s top 100-grossing films were directed by them.

We’re not there yet, unfortunately. But we’re doing it. “While 2019 is a banner year for women, we will not be able to say there is true change until all women have access and opportunity to work at this level.”

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