Ahmet Iki Gözüm: A Biographical Movie of the Famous Turkish Folk Singer

Directed by the collaboration of two amazing directors, Hakan Gurtop and Gani Ruzgar Savata, Ahmet Iki Gözüm is a biographical movie that reflects the life of the iconic Ahmet Kaya. Though he was both influential and controversial in the latter part of his career, highlighted in this biographical movie is his way to stardom.

His success story was as uncanny as no other. Have you ever built a coop for your chickens just so you can perform for them ala-concert style? Well, neither have I, but Ahmet Kaya did––and it was all worth it at the end as he was a celebrated musician all over the country with their hearts in their palms. Ahmet’s music appeals not only to a small amount of people, but to every individual in the country––to every public––therefore deeming him as the “Star of the Public”. He advocated for the integrity of Turkey and became the voice of its poor and marginalized.

Everything fell apart when Ahmet announced that he wished “to sing in the Kurdish language” during his awarding on Show TV for Musician of the Year in 1999. If you didn’t know, some Kurds in Turkey demanded separation for various reasons, so this act from Ahmet caught many supporters, celebrities, and countrymen off-guard.

Seen as a villain, traitor, and divider, he was eventually exiled, and accused of being affiliated with various pro-separation parties.

Ahmet Iki Gözüm will be on theatres on February 7, 2020 despite the controversies from the artist’s family. Trailer below:

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