Altered Carbon Season 2 Release Date: Cast and Possible Storyline

As we slowly approach the new season of Altered Carbon, I thought it necessary to break down what we know about one of Netflix’s greatest original works since they started creating them in 2013. Altered Carbon premiered on February 2nd, 2018, and I’m sure most of us finished by February 3rd. It was one of my most anticipated shows of early 2018 and also on my list of must watch shows for the year. As more and more details are leaked about the upcoming season, I took it upon myself to delve into the metropolis of Bay City and uncover what I could for season two.

Release Date

As of now, much is unknown about the exact release date of our favorite show other than the following: filming began in February of 2019, and the show is anticipated to be a mid-2020 release. The show was originally purchased by Netflix in January 2016 and was dropped in for viewers to watch in February 2018. It was also rumored that the first season cost more to produce than the first three seasons of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Knowing both facts, I’d say Netflix will take its time to produce another high quality season and that the estimate of mid-2020 makes perfect sense.

Returning Characters and Character Changes

It’s sad to see Takeshi will no longer be played by Joel Kinnaman, but he is being replaced by another amazing actor in Anthony Mackie. Mackie has starred in countless shows and films (The Captain America and Avengers Series, Upcoming Black Mirror Episodes, and The Hurt Locker) over the years and should be an incredible addition to the show. And he’s not the only big name we see added for season two. Simone Missick is from one of Netflix’s other originals, Luke Cage, and has been cast as Trepp the bounty hunter. So we can assume she will probably be tracking Takeshi throughout the season if that is truly what her character turns out to be. We also see James Saito, who played Shredder in the 1990s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, has been added to the cast list. He will play Tanaseda Hideki, a Yakuza boss controlling organized crime on one of the planets we travel to this season. Then there’s Dina Shihabi (Dig 301) and Torben Liebrecht (Colonel Ivan Carrera) debuting on the show as an AI unit programmed to help archeologists and a leader of the Protectorate Special Forces respectively.

Among our returning characters we see Renée Elise Goldsberry (Quellcrist) and Chris Conner (Poe), which leads to a very interesting question. Where will this season’s timeline fall into the grand scheme of things? We saw both killed off in season one, so theoretically this season will take place just before season one or wayyyyy before season one. If simply right before, we would expect more flashbacks of Quellcrist, but how would we be seeing Poe? If the entire season is far enough back, we could see Quellcrist with Takeshi as they were in all the flashbacks from season one and Poe would also still be alive. However, The sole issue there is that we know the “original” Takeshi is played by Will Yun Lee. So unless Yun Lee’s version of Takeshi stumbles across Poe it wouldn’t make sense for the latter to be true either, which means the season must fall somewhere in between these two options. Either way, we will all be in for a treat once this show finally drops next year!

Anticipated Storyline

This season looks to be coming in at eight episodes rather than 10, so things will likely pick up a touch quicker than they did in season one. With that being said, the show will still revolve around the stories of Takeshi Kovacs, even though his character is no longer played by Joel Kinnaman. We know Takeshi doesn’t require the same body due to the technology of the cortical stack though, so this shouldn’t be a cause of any concern. According to the showrunner when asked about having a season two, he said he wanted an exciting second season in which everything could change. Since the show is based off of the books by Richard K. Morgan (which span countless planets and timelines), we could see many a possibility this upcoming season. But no matter where our story ends, I will be sure of two things: Laeta Kalogridis and Alison Schapker will do a fantastic job, and we will be just as glued to our seats as we were for season one.

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