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Amazon ‘accidentally’ shared ‘The Boys’ season 2 trailer

Yesterday, Amazon unveiled the first trailer of ‘The Boys’ second season only to take it down a while later.

But once you upload something like that on the internet, it’s impossible to take it back. To be fair, it is more of a teaser trailer than a full trailer, but that’s good enough for me.

We really don’t know why Amazon decided to post it and then take it down. Some unfinished effects? Or maybe just wrong timing? If you watch the trailer over and over again, you won’t really notice any glitches that show it’s unfinished so I think it may be the second option.

It’s a relatively short trailer with no dialogue but a bunch of quick cut scenes that include a confrontation between Homelander and Starlight, which means Giancarlo Esposito may have a much more significant role in Season 2.

Amazon Prime Video has been a major audience success for the streamer, which is vital for them. The streaming service produces a good deal of quality shows but not many have wide audience recognition, at least not in comparison to Hulu, Netflix, or HBO.

The Boys is probably the best superhero show on TV, especially after the cancellation of the Marvel Netflix shows, where probably Daredevil could rival that title.

Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t reveal Season 2’s release date, it only says it will be 2020. If we take the Season 1 release date as a guide, it would mean late July, but Amazon may want to take some more time in post-production and promotion, so don’t be surprised if we have to wait until fall.

Anyway, enjoy ‘The Boys’ Season 2 trailer below:

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