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Ben & Jerry’s Netflix & Chill’d: New ice cream flavour to binge-watch with!

You know what goes together with Netflix? Yup, ice cream. You know what goes better with Netflix than ice cream? Ice cream that’s Netflix flavour. If you’re wondering how that tastes like, then you have to ask Ben & Jerry’s for the masterpiece.

Maybe you’re even planning on downing a pint tonight! Honestly, no ones blaming you. If you’re still deciding what flavour you want to go for, then Ben & Jerry’s made the decision for you.

It’s called Netflix & Chill’d. Ah, Ben & Jerry’s. Still witty, I see?

What does it have, you ask? Well, it’s made with a good amount of peanut butter ice cream mixed with fudge brownies and, you guessed it, sweet and salty pretzel swirls. Those toppings are already treats themselves, but Ben & Jerry’s really wanted us to stay on that couch I guess. You know how they perfected this one? They worked with Netflix for this one, of course! The true kings and queens of the couch potatoes that are their audiences.

If you’re the typical cookies and cream boy or the cookie dough girl, you’re going to have to try this one and might even top your list because peanut butter and chocolate work so well together. If you’re feeling extra snacky, why not go get yourself a bowl of popcorn as well to balance the sweetness and the saltiness out? Now that’s what I call the perfect time to binge-watch.

If you’re vegan or lactose intolerant, lucky for you ’cause Ben & Jerry’s also offers a non-dairy version of this flavour so you wouldn’t miss out one bit.
I’m not so sure if this is available everywhere else in the world but if you’re from the United States and you love watching Netflix, then I think this is the perfect flavour for you.

Happy binge-eating and binge-watch, beautiful people!
Image source: Newsweek

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