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Can Netflix’s Messiah save itself?

Ah, yes. The controversies of all controversies––religion and entertainment. At this point, there’s absolutely nothing you can do to stop both parties in ridiculing and countering each other. It’s like water and oil, you see? The root of it all, well, is Netflix’s new show, Messiah, which features not only a stoner Mary, but also a gay Jesus.

Messiah is all about a man who has inherently garnered a humongous group of people through his public acts, this includes those of higher statues as well. If you’ve decided to watch even just one episode, you’ll see why this series was born controversial––especially to the religious. This is because it clearly crosses the line of the modern beliefs of major religions.

Despite some scenes shot in Jordan, the series is on the brink of being banned in the country after Jordan’s Royal Film Commission requested the streaming platform to avoid its release in the country. Although, according to Netflix, they have yet to receive any formal legal request to remove the series from the Jordan’s version of Netflix. “Messiah is a work of fiction. It is not based on any one character, figure or religion. All Netflix shows feature ratings and information to help members make their own decisions about what’s right for them and their families,” the Netflix representative added.

The thing is, at first, Messiah was granted permission to shoot in the area. The Royal Film Commission was on board with the filming of the series given that they’ve also read the synopses of the episodes. Err, how times have changed quickly.

If you want to see a little snippet of the series, here’s the trailer:

No matter what happens, the Royal Film Commission is on the lookout for Netflix’s next move. But if there are any conflict between country laws, might as well take it down for the betterment of both countries.

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    • A perfect example why the show is brilliant! Someone cancels their Netflix obviously due to a religious background. But the series has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with a man (whether he is or isn’t the second coming of Christ) is on a mission to help people see that we all live under the same roof and come from the same beginning. And that having faith doesn’t mean you have to be in church or practice religion. It’s telling us that we are all one and that politics and religion is what turned our world into an unstable place. And to have faith in ourselves and that we should have been living in a world without borders. It is also a television show not based on true events. There are movies and series about every subject. If it’s something you don’t believe will entertain you then just don’t watch it instead of cancelling your subscription. It shows a level of ignorance and stupidity.

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