Carrie Underwood $85M Net Worth & 11 Surprising Facts About Her

Born in Muskogee, Oklahoma, Carrie Underwood is known for making country music cool again. Carrie is currently 36 years old and was born on March 10, 1983. She started singing when she was young at local competitions, and one of her fans even got her a meeting in Nashville with Capitol Records when she was 14.

Carrie Underwood is currently married to NHL hockey player Mike Fisher, and the pair have two children together.

Here are a few things about Carrie Underwood that you might not have known.

  1. She’s worth a great deal of money.. Currently, Carrie Underwood’s net worth is sitting at $85 million.
  2. She got her start on American Idol.. Carrie won the fourth season of American Idol and is the most successful winner from the show.
  3. She owns two homes.. Carrie and her husband own a mansion of an eleven-acre property in Ottawa, Canada and own a cottage outside of Nashville.
  4. She is well known in her field.. Carries has been inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Grand Ole Opry, Oklahoma Hall of Fame, and the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.
  5. She made history with the Grand Ole Opry.. Carrie was the youngest person inducted into the Grand Ole Opry ever.
  6. She’s been nominated for many awards.. These awards include seven Grammy Awards, ten Billboard Music Awards, fourteen ACM Awards, thirteen American Music Awards, nine CMA Awards, and a Guinness World Record.
  7. Carrie and Mike’s relationship started as long-distance.. At the time Carrie lived in Tennessee, and Mike was in Canada. Carrie didn’t want to date someone so far away, but they set up a meeting after one of her concerts and the pair hit it off immediately.
  8. The couples combined net worth is insane.. Together their net worth is $115 million.
  9. She graduated college.. Carrie attended Northeastern State University and graduated in 2006 with a Mass Communications degree.
  10. She’s also acted.. Carrie has appeared in numerous television shows including How I Met Your Mother, Sesame Street, The Sound of Music Live! and Soul Surfer.
  11. She has a few endorsements.. Her endorsements include Olay, Nintendo, Target, and Sketchers.

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