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Christina Baranski and Cynthia Nixon to Lead in HBO’s ‘The Gilded Place’

With Downton Abbey’s film having just premiered, HBO took advantage of the wave to reveal the main cast of ‘The Gilded Age,’ the new historical drama by Julian Fellowes, who was the man behind ‘Downton Abbey,’ one of the most renowned British series of all time.

The cast is led by Christine Baranski, who you may remember from ‘The Good Fight’, Cynthia Nixon, one of the leads in ‘Sex in the City’, Amanda Peet who stars in ‘The Romanovs,’ and Morgan Spector, one of the stars of ‘Boardwalk Empire.’

Not much of the plot has been revealed, but we know it’ll follow the characters in New York’s high society of 1882. If it follows ‘Downton Abbey’ same scheme, it means each season of the show will be set on distinct time frames close to significant historical facts.

Just like ‘Downton Abbey’ it’ll follow the story of the arrival of an outcast to the high society. It follows Marian Brook who reaches New York’s high-class thanks to her aunts (played by Baranski and Nixon) who survived the post-Civil War economic collapse of the South and sees herself seduced by the high-class lifestyle in times of change for New York and the US, in general.

At least some of the series will focus on the clash between old aristocrats like the characters played by Baranski and Nixon, and new riches, such as the Russells, portrayed by Peet and Spector, who’s family head is a financial mammoth, and this is what’s given them their social status.

‘The Gilded Place’ seems like an enticing project to come, and the new top-notch cast members certainly raises our expectations from the show.

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