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‘Devs’ moves from FX, its exclusive home is now Hulu

Alex Garland is one of the upcoming sci-fi creators that seems poised to receive more attention sooner than later. He is the mind behind ‘Ex Machina,’ and ‘Annihilation.’ Yesterday, Hulu announced it would pick up his upcoming limited science fiction show, ‘Devs,’ after a deal with FX, as both companies fall under Disney’s entertainment empire.

The show stars Sonoya Mizuno (Maniac), Nick Offerman (Parks & Recreation), and Jin Ha (Hamilton), and follows the story of a mysterious Silicon Valley company that experiments with abstract quantum computing. Sci-fi fans got a first sneak peek at the show earlier this year through a special presentation at the New York Comic-Con, where the producers showed an extended teaser trailer and exclusive clips for the convention.

There’s a widespread agreement that the show will go in line with Garland’s conceptual, surreal sci-fi style.

According to a press release sent by FX, the deal between Hulu and the entertainment content goes beyond ‘Devs.’ Hulu will include seventeen years of FX legacy content and will air FX current content a day after it airs on FX. After the premiere of ‘Devs,’ the first week of the FX-Hulu deal will give us the premieres of Dave, Breeders, Better Things, and Cake; and some of the best-known FX shows of all time such as Sons Of Anarchy, American Horror Story, Archer, and Atlanta that will start airing on Hulu from March.

Here’s hoping we know more of ‘Devs’ sooner than later.

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