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Disney+ shares the trailer of ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’

One of the most expected shows of Disney+ is its High School Musical reboot, set to premiere its ten-episode first season on November 12, three day Disney+ is to be launched. We are happy to know the streaming service has unveiled the trailer.

It starts with a student called Carlos that says “Love triangles. Backstabbing. Plot twists. Oh my.” It sounds more of ‘Glee’ than ‘High School Musical’ but we’re buying it.

The show features a different cast but some of the characters resemble those of the original trilogy. Yes, the reboot has its own Sharpay Evans-like, if you were asking.

The trailer also shows a remix of Get’cha Head in The Game, one of the better-known songs of the original movies. It shows a love triangle between Ricky, Nini, and EJ, three of the show’s main characters; athlete rivalries and astonishing musical numbers.

But it seems it will have a more adult tone than the original saga. The trailer ends with a professor called Miss Jenn saying “No matter what happens, we’re all in this together,” another clear reference to the original High School Musical saga.

Even though the show will premiere on November 12 on Disney+, those in the US won’t have to wait that long to watch the first episode, as it will air on Disney, Freeform, and ABC on November 8 at 8 PM Eastern Time, 4 days before its premiere on Disney+.

Enjoy the trailer of ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ below:

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