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Bad News: Netflix Announces Season 6 Will Be the Final Season of BoJack Horseman :(

Netflix continues cleaning the house and saying goodbye to some shows that were their stalwarts. After the end of ‘House of Cards’, and ‘Orange Is the New Black’, two of Netflix’s first original shows, and announcing that ‘Grace An Frankie’s’ next season will be it’s last, the network also confirmed that the animated adult comedy show ‘BoJack Horseman is also ending.

But before saying farewell to our favorite human-like, TV star of the 90s horse, we have a six and final season to come which will air in two parts. Netflix hasn’t specified how many episodes this last season will have, but we do know its release date: Part 1 will be available from October 25, and Part 2 from January 31.

We got the news from BoJack Horseman’s Season 6 trailer, where we see BoJack writing a letter to his friend Diane from rehab.

La quinta temporada de ‘BoJack Horseman’ acabó transmitiendo la idea de que su protagonista podría haber tocado fondo y que había llegado el momento de dejar atrás su lado más nocivo. El inicio del tráiler va en esa dirección, pero las cosas no tardan en complicarse tanto para él como para el resto de personajes principales de la serie.

Here’s the trailer so you can know what Season 6 fuzz is all about:

Having premiered in 2014, ‘BoJack Horseman’ was the most veteran active show on Netflix since ‘Orange Is the New Black’ said goodbye. Now, the title goes to ‘F is for Family’, another animated comedy that made its debut in 2015 and will see its fourth season in 2020.

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