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Hulu unveils ‘High Fidelity’ trailer, starring Zoë Kravitz

Hulu is a streaming stalwart. It has historically prioritized high-quality content over quantity. That means that whenever the streamer announces a new show, we must pay attention.

And especially if that show is a ‘High Fidelity’ adaptation led by Zoë Kravitz. Hulu has given us the first trailer of the reimagination of Nick Hornby’s novel published in 1995, which already had a 2000 adaptation led by John Cusack that quickly became a cult classic.

Kravitz is just perfect for the role and the trailer proves so. In the first teaser, we see her as Rob, the owner of a record store in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. The ten-episode first season will show us how Rob recounts a line of failed past relationships through her records and other pop culture bits that defined her life and her music tastes while mourning over one major heartbreak.

“I ran into my ex last night,” she says at the beginning of the trailer. “You know that scene in the beginning of Braveheart where they rip all his entrails out and he’s like, ‘Freeeeedooooom!’ but it’s like a positive thing, because he inspires people, or whatever? Like that, but without the silver lining.” I don’t know about you, but I’m buying it.

The trailer shows the series appears to follow the same tone of the film but 800 miles east of it. But, in general, seems to be pretty much the same idea: the protagonist, now Kravitz, before Cusack, reflecting on her mistakes and past relationships to grow from there.

“My desert island, all-time, top five, most memorable heartbreaks are as follows,” Kravitz says in the last few seconds of the trailer, leaving us wanting more before the series drops for binge-watching on Valentine’s Day, 2020.

Enjoy the trailer below:

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