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Is Darth Maul getting his own Disney+ show?

When Disney announced a new Star Wars saga and a couple of spin-offs, we knew the company would not stop there. And it certainly didn’t. Now we have more trilogies on the works and a Disney+ show. And still, we know Disney won’t stop there.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise there are rumors of more upcoming series. Rumor has it that Disney may be preparing a backstory series based on Darth Maul, the main antagonist of The Phantom Menace.

As you may remember, the character had a cameo in the Solo spinoff, which immediately raised some speculation about a hypothetical return.

Apparently, the series will be based on events after Maul’s Solo cameo and use flashbacks to focus on his origins. Maul is by far one of the most enticing characters the prequels gave us and one we were left wanting more of.

First, we know that he’s not dead. Yes, when Obi-Wan cut him in half, he didn’t die. He’s sent to Dathomir, his home planet by his brother, Savage Opress where the witches of Dathomir give him droid legs. He wants revenge and takes control with his brother of planet Mandalore to the point Darth Sidious must intervene. Sidious kills his brother but Maul finds a way out and he becomes a sort of force-using gangster boss using pirates and the Death Watch to his ends. That’s where we find him in Solo, as the leader of a crime family.

Then, we see him on Star Wars Rebels. Ezra meets him at the Sith Temple. Maul learns Obi-Wan is alive and seeks revenge, failing again, and eventually dying in Tatooine.

However, there’s a hole between him being a crime boss to being a loner. That’s where the story will be primarily based on, with constant flashbacks to his origins.

Darth Maul’s story is dark. He comes from a hell-like planet ruled by evil, ferocious witches. That means that if Disney+ wants to tell the story right in a live-action show, it’ll probably have to forget a bit of its family-friendly tone most shows have. Let’s see how it goes.

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