#Lucifans, Netflix’s Lucifer might just not end with Season 5 and here’s why

On the 16th of July 2019, I wrote my very first article for Flixrazzi. The article was depressing and in fact, the title showed it all––”#Lucifans, Netflix Will Resurrect Lucifer for its Fifth and Final Season.” But alas, Netflix has come through and chances are high that the streaming platform will be continuing Lucifer even after its dubbed “last season” for all we know.

As a self-proclaimed Lucifan, I was about to accept that one of my favorite shows in my favorite genre was about to end. Not until TVLine saved Lucifans from the burdens of hell, or is it heaven? I don’t really know at this point. Anyway, Michael Ausiello hit us with a bomb of a title: Lucifer Twist: Netflix Wants to Keep the Show Going Beyond ‘Final’ Season 5.

According to TVLine, they have the backstage-pass for all the exclusive gossip us Lucifans want to hear and that is the streaming platform is in talks with Warner Bros. about the awaited future of the charming mind-reading ex-Son of God.

Though Netflix has kept their mouths shut, I’m optimistic about the future of the franchise. I just hope Netflix doesn’t burst the bubble since nothing is set in stone yet or in this case, in paperwork.

Again, as a Lucifan, I know how social media works and how we’re always divided into two when big news comes up. When the announcement of the series came out, some have already accepted the series’ fate and have thanked the crew for the amazing job, but some just didn’t have the heart to accept it. That was where I am.

As it trended more and more on Twitter and more Lucifans came to the party (don’t worry, we accept latecomers), Netflix made it a point to move on the fans’ petitions and created the “final” season to have two parts––therefore splitting season 5 in half. After that, fans were thankful and just accepted the future of the series.

For now, we’re just waiting for Netflix’s decision. It’s for all the marbles, ladies and gentlemen. It’s for season six.

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