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Narcos: Mexico Season 2: Release date, plot and cast updates

Netflix has finally released the release date and the first look of Narcos: Mexico Season 2, featuring Scott McNairy and Diego Luna.

The second season of the Mexico-based spinoff of Narcos will premiere on February 13, more than a year after releasing the first season. Season 1 took us to Mexico in the 80s, after three seasons based in Colombia in the 90s to show us the origins of the Guadalajara cartel and the war against drugs in Mexico.

It focused on the feud between Felix Gallardo, played by Luna, and Kiki Camarena, portrayed by Michael Peña. The season progressed under the narration of an American teller, but his identity was not revealed until the end. After the death of Camarena, Scoot McNairy appeared playing Walt Breslin, the following DEA agent who’ll face Gallardo in the operation Leyenda, which will seek to apprehend those responsible for Camarena’s murder.

McNairy’s casting was not revealed before the season launched, which meant fans only knew of him after watching the last episode of the Season. His character, Walt Breslin is said to be “a hardened DEA agent whose methods aren’t always by the book.”

Narcos: Mexico’s showrunner, Eric Newman says that Breslin will most likely follow the same path as Agent Murphy and Peña, who were the main players of the first three seasons of the show, “It’s just the continuing revolving doors of, ‘Here comes the new guy and this time we’re going to get it right,'” said Newman. “We’ve now seen that with agents Murphy (Holbrook) and Peña (Pascal) in seasons one and two, Peña alone in season three, Kiki Camarena in Narcos: Mexico, and now a new guy, who is basically going to come down and probably get nothing done and the cycle will continue.”

The second season will continue to show us how Gallardo became the first major narco and the starter of the modern Mexican organized crime. But how will the show continue in the future? As we know, Alejandro Edna had a small role in the show playing a younger version of El Chapo Guzmán. Does that mean the idea is to bring the show up to the present-day back again?

“Narcos has a chance to deliver another five seasons to try to get to today because there is so much that happens after this season ends,” Luna had told THR about the road the saga still has to travel — one that is likely to include the focus on Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, who was played by Alejandro Edda in a minor role on Narcos: Mexico. “This is the beginning of the fall for [political party] PRI, which is the party that was in power in Mexico for 70 years. People are rising and there is this feeling of people doing something they can control. A social awakening. That’s when the PRI starts to fall. So much happens.”

Also, consider that when Narcos’ Season 3 ended, we saw Agent Peña heading to Mexico, so a potential reunion cannot be discarded for future seasons. But for now, that doesn’t seem to be the goal. They are still exploring the origins of today’s Mexican drug war, and how the US was a part of it.

The show also has plenty of newcomers for Season 2. We’ll see Mayra Hermosillo as Enedina Arellano Felix, Sosie Bacon as Mimi Webb Miller, Andrés Londoño as Enrique Clavel, Alex Knight as Kenny Moss, Miguel Rodarte as Danilo Garza, Jesse Garcia as Sal Orozco, Matt Biedel as Daryl Petski, and many others.

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