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Netflix will produce the second season of ‘The A List’ without BBC

Netflix and the BBC produced the first season of ‘The A List’ jointly, but the British public network decided to drop from the production. That meant Netflix had the ball on their court between producing the second season on their own or canceling the show after just one season. Netflix went with the first option, deciding to greenlight a second season of the teen drama.

The 13-episode first season was ordered for BBC’s streaming platform iPlayer, and launched in October 2018. Netflix picked up the show for international distribution in July 2019 and now will produce the second season.

“It was picked up by Netflix for worldwide and now they’re looking at a second series,” said Nina Metivier, co-creator and writer of the show alongside Dan Berlinka, said after being named as one of Deadline’s 10 British TV writers to watch in 2020.

The A List was produced by Kindle Entertainment, which is owned by Lionsgate. The first season of the series followed Mia, portrayed by Lisa Ambalavanar, who goes to an dream-like summer camp awaiting to be the queen of the camp. However, her holiday turns into hell when a mysterious competitor for the crown of Queen Bee arrives, a mysterious girl called Amber, played by Ellie Duckles. The first season was filmed on the Scottish coast. Anne Brogan from Kindle Entertainment executive produced Season 1. There’s no word on when we’ll see Season 2.

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