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Netflix’s Love is Blind: New concept for a new show, yay or nay?

Netflix just gets weirder by the second, and I think it’s going to be good.

The streaming giant has announced a brand new dating show and it sounds normal, right? Its concept though, it’s out there––the dating show will have couples engaged BEFORE they even meet. Nick Lachey and his wife, Vanessa, will be hosting the 10-episode long series called Love is Blind.

The show will let us in, through the hosts, on the singles’ dream partner and ambitious wants and needs so that they can finally find the love of their lives. Nick and Vanessa are assigned to speak to the singles’ anonymous potential lovers and those of whom the singles have gotten the best connection with, will be proposing.

If you know Married at First Sight, then you’re probably familiar with Kinetic Content. They’re the same group of people behind the series and will be premiering right at the nick of time for Valentine’s Day––the 13th of February.

A lot of people, and I mean a lot, will be interested in watching this series. Outside of it being an obnoxiously creative take on a series, it speaks to real matters of the real world where people can’t escape the fact that some might find looks are more appealing than attitude, some don’t depend on age and some other criteria people are looking for in love. The point of the show is to finally find out if love is blind. See what I did there?

To add to that, the goal of the show is to let the singles out of their comfort zones––speaking to their potential suitors in the process, but not meeting until they’ve proposed. The show also includes the planning of the couples’ wedding as to distinguish whether there are true feelings blossoming between each other before the their wedding takes place––kind of like a team-building activity, you know?

Love Is Blind will be showing next month! If you’re already hooked on the concept, then you better wait for February 13th.

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