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Shrill season 2: Hulu release date and trailer

Hulu just dropped the first trailer for Shrill season 2 and Annie Easton is bringing all her classic stops to it.

When season 1 ended, Annie had confronted people who were fat-shaming her and quit her job, not to mention jettisoning several relationships around her. You know Annie left her job after telling her editor “I know what I’m doing, so I’m gonna go do it.”

Aidy Bryant plays the disheveled Annie, who we see destroying household goods in the trailer while she attempting to find her new center. What we know is in season 2 Annie will seek out a new job, including applying to an unpaid internship, and letting loose on a dance floor.

Annie even gets a little wild with her boyfriend Ryan, played by Luka Jones, before getting interrupted by a scout troop. In typical Annie fashion, we will see our star go on new adventures that she has never through before, but of course some will have disastrous outcomes.

You learn that Annie likes being a little “bad” and her process to self-discovery is something she really enjoys throughout the second season.

Shrill is based off the memoir “Shrill: Notes From a Loud Woman” that was written by Lindy West. This has been a good year for Aidy Bryant who just released a plus-size fashion line during the summer and enjoys her successful show.

In an interview with Andy Cohen, Bryant remarked:

“It’s been so overwhelming and I think I really thought I was making this small show for, you know, fat ladies who felt unseen or whatever and it’s really been overwhelming because pretty much anyone with a body can relate to some element of it.”

Season 2 of Shrill will premiere on Hulu January 24th.  The show is executive produced by SNL showrunner Lorne Michaels and Charlie’s Angels filmmaker Elizabeth Banks.

Watch the trailer:

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