Succession S02E01: The Summer Palace Review – #SuccessionSzn

It’s finally time for #SuccessionSzn and boy am I ready for it. Sunday night’s episode reminded me just how much I loved this show, and all in all I thought it was an extremely satisfying intro into season two. We’re already being prepped for many ups and downs, tugged heartstrings, and emotional roller coasters within the first 60 minutes. So with that being said, what do you say we dive on in to the good stuff.

1. The Roy’s are Back in Town

It didn’t take very long for the Roy’s to show their teeth in season two. It actually only took about nine minutes before we got the first family diss from Shiv thrown at Kendall, which was not even close to the last for him either. Kendall’s family absolutely destroyed him this episode, but there’s nothing less I would expect from the Roy’s in all honesty. Along with the absurd comments back and forth between siblings and parents though, we also got some ridiculous one liners that only a Roy could come up with. The main line I am talking about would be from one Logan Roy, in which he states “it smells like the cheesemonger died and left his dick in the brie.” That along with Connor’s purchasing of Napoleon’s penis proved that, without a doubt, the Roy’s are back.

Kendall Will Never Be Clean

Season two very quickly brings us to the realization that Kendall will never be clean. He has only been at his treatment facility for 48 hours before his very own father pulls him out to attempt to get out in front of the bear hug buyout. We also see Kendall ask Karolina for a “straightener” roughly thirty seconds after Logan tells him to ring him in some money. She of course falls through, which leads to Kendall and Greg interacting over some “park coke”. This may have been the best part of this entire episode in all honesty… especially when Kendall retorts that Greg should “take it back for a refund”. The key thing for me that gave away Kendall’s forever dooming addiction problems though was his father’s admittance to it. “It’s ok. Thinking’s natural… in limits.” I may have misinterpreted that entire scene, but it 100% gave off vibes of Logan telling Kendall he knew he would use but that he was ok with it if it was taken in “limits”.

I’ll Take Two Orders of Lies With a Side of Deceit Please

Along with all of the verbal punishment dished out this episode, there was also a heaping amount of lies (and from all parties as well). Obviously the main lie this episode is the one between Logan and Shiv, which I am still unsure if they’re playing one another or simply playing the rest of the family. This, of course, leads to the lies between Shiv and Tom already multiplying and I think this will be a huge part of season two’s story arc. I was also confused as to whether or not Shiv was lying to Tom’s face about his “promotion” since she only briefly mentioned Tom’s name in her convo with Logan. I think Logan and Marcia will still be the master manipulators this season though, so don’t be surprised if Shiv isn’t actually her dad’s choice when the finale rolls around.

Logan’s Savagery Will Be At An All Time High in Season Two

This is a no brainer, as his first line of the season was “Ladies and gentlemen, the first f****** thing my son’s ever done right in his life” right before we cut to the intro sequence. Sprinkled in after this incredible quote we had a plethora of typical Logan-esque lines that belittled or shamed someone though. He also pulled a complete alpha move on Kendall at the end of the episode when he sent him in as he “made a call”. That call clearly never happened, and we found out that the only reason Kendall was truly there was to tell Sandy that an all out war was about to begin. And how could I forget about the scene with the contractor! Logan was truly at his worst here when he stiffed the man for the bag of raccoons he left in the chimney, and then proceeds to tell him to sue him.

Kendall’s Murder Avoidance Cannot End in Episode One… Can it?

This just seemed too good to be true, which makes me think that it will somehow come back into play later in the season. Shortly after Kendall’s conversation with his father about “thinking in limits”, Kendall is pulled aside by one of his fathers men who breaks down the overseas situation. Apparently, Logan’s men discovered the crash site and reported it to the police but only after the keycard (which belonged to Kendall) was given to the head honcho of the operation. The cops found that the dead man had his seat belt unbuckled, which led them to believe that he survived the original impact of the crash but did not make it out in time before drowning. So Kendall gets off scotch free… but there is no way he actually does! Someone has to slip at some point, and my best guess is that it will be Logan. It may not even end up as a “slip” either, as we all know that Logan is capable of just about anything.

All in all, S2 E1 of Succession gets a nine out of ten from me. Even though nothing too crazy occurred so much was set up for the rest of the season. Not to mention we literally didn’t see a soul outside of the main players from season one, so much more drama can be anticipated once the true antagonists of this season show up. Typically an episode like this would mean there are only two or three episodes left, yet we still have another seven episodes before we see what really happens to the Roy’s and their conglomerate. I think episode two will come out just as hot, but I also really hope we get to see more of the duo that is Tom and Greg too. Be on the lookout for the Roy’s rival family to be introduced next week, and be sure to head back here for a break down of their introduction as well!

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