Succession (S2E06) – Argestes: An Episode Breakdown

Well what an episode that was. This week on Succession, we were expecting to see the Roy’s deal with Pierce threatened while Roman, Kendal, and Shiv had differing views on damage control for an unknown ordeal. This episode was fast paced and all over the place, so that’s exactly how I am going to continue this article. Enjoy.

Tom & Greg

We got a ton of time from our fantabulous duo this week in “Argestes”, but I was a little confused. These two seemed to be on good terms again, but the last time we saw them interacting there were water bottles being hilariously thrown across the room at one particular person (I’m looking at you, Greg). Anyways, most of the screen time we got from Tom and his little minion this week revolved around the “We’re listening” debacle with Waystar, which was just a perfect demonstration of things that can be taken the wrong way. They bounced from that over to “We hear you”, which Tom noted was basically the exact same thing, before they finally came to “We hear… for you.” I thought it was adorable watching Greg mouth the slogan while out in the crowd, but this also poses another question. Why in the hell was the guy behind him in the crowd laughing at the slogan!? It wasn’t the greatest, but it also wasn’t terrible. Not to mention, there was nothing funny about Tom’s tone or anything else with that scene, so I’m wondering why this guy just starts chuckling at the end of this speech. Maybe he had the episode on his phone and was laughing at Greg asking Roman for a little bump bump in the bathroom. That’s gotta be it, right?


Roman seemed to actually have a fairly solid episode this week, and also didn’t have any weird crank sessions with Gerri (thank god). Romulus opened the episode with quite the seductive grab of a strawberry before we jumped into Kendall jumping down his henchman’s throats (more on that later). He was very quickly thrown into the thick of Argestes weekend however when Gerri tells him that his father wants him to swing the “White Knight” over to their side justtttt in case the Pierce deal falls through. This leads to what I thought was possibly the third most uncomfortable scene from this show (numbers one and two both belonging to Roman and little roman). I couldn’t tell you why, but I just found the whole thing super cringy. But, he basically lets the guy knows that he may be able to give him what he wants when the time comes before heading off to see Gerri. Of course, I instantly assumed we were getting round three of belittling Rome here, but this convo was actually quite surprising. The youngest Roy brother wanted to see if Gerri saw an alliance between the two of them, especially since she technically is the next in line to run Waystar/Royco. It was a very interesting thing to think about with how the rest of the epi played out too. Even with all of this though, Roman’s shining moment came when he was attempting to psych out Kendall earlier in the episode. I burst out laughing when he mentioned how he was going to go sock-less to show off some “horny ankle cleavage.” If Kieran Culkin doesn’t win all the awards for this season I will be bummed to say the least.


I thought this was a very good episode for Kendall in a multitude of ways. He is clearly gaining a lot of Logan’s trust back, which we see when he sends him into the war room to inspire the minions. He had a touch of madness in him here, which was something we haven’t really seen out of Ken this season. He also seemed to be handling the conversation with Stew pretty well, even though I was very confused by the move he pulled in telling him about the deal they were about to get. I’m thinking it was just a semi-flex, but who really knows. Logan is also beginning to heed a lot of what Kendall says it seems, like when he tells his dad that they should bail before breakfast with Nan. He also showed a humorous side while up on the panel. Even though his jokes were well beyond the lamest of the lame, they still were somehow landing with the crowd fairly well. All of this is trumped by his quick reaction after Roman was hit here though, which almost made me wonder if Logan had been abusive to them when they were younger. Lots of questions posed here in this episode, but I think many of them will be answered as we continue diving deeper into season two.


When we first see Siobhan this episode, she looks utterly defeated after being left out of the Argestes trip with the rest of the fam. Apparently, she is supposed to be shadowing Frank while he looks through audit stuff and practices painfully boring GAAP protocols. Shiv thinks she is better than this though and bails on Frank, but as she does we get our first taste of the cruise story being dropped. Her next few scenes are basically an attempt to talk sense into her family about the cruise story, but all it does is get her a ticket to Argestes and some family drama she probably did want to miss. After she arrived, Shiv finds Tom flirting with someone, and this leads to more awful banter between the two about their “arrangement.” From here, Shiv flips a switch
Though and ends up just getting gassed up for the rest of the conference. She meets with Rhea and handled that convo about as well as she could have. Then she ends up deciding she needs to be on the panel with Kendal/Roman, which was definitely the right move. She even accidentally hints to the Pierce deal (or “dinosaur cull”), but saves herself with a jab at her dad that covers that story up quick. Her stock had dropped significantly for me after last week, but I think Siobhan will be right back in the thick of it all as we continue moving forward.


Last but definitely not least, Papa Roy. If there was one thing to take away from this episode, it was that Logan took the largest L of all time at Argestes 2019. He is 100% losing his marbles again, and I think we may slowly start to see him play a smaller role within the company very soon. Something will happen, whether it be Shiv actually getting the keys to Royco or Roman teaming up with old mole lady (Gerri for those of you not paying attention), and I cannot wait to see what it is. His first spiral of the episode was towards the end of his original call with Shiv. From here he then has an incredibly weird convo with Marcia, a vomit scene that almost made me blow chunks, a look of absolute terror on his face during the Roy family panel, and ends up topping it all off with a backhand to Roman’s teeth. But, the icing on the cake was when Nan straight up posterizes he and Rhea at the end of the episode, and finally someone has given Logan a taste of his own medicine.

In the big scheme of things, this was probably the worst episode thus far from Season two, yet it wasn’t even remotely close to being a bad episode. I do think it opened up a lot more possibilities for the final three episodes though, which is nice since it was starting to get very one dimensional after last weeks apparent dominance over PGM. We’ve now seen an entirely different side of Logan, and I cannot wait to see how he reacts in episode seven next week. Will their “White Knight” private investor come to the rescue? Or maybe we begin to see the crumble of the Roy conglomerate as we know it? Probably not, right… I guess it’s worth a thought either way.

P.S. Be sure to check back next week for more on our favorite family, and also go read the prior Succession recaps we have on our site too. Thanks for the read, see you next time!

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