The Witcher – Netflix Original: Release Date, Cast, Random Facts & Rumors

It hasn’t even been a month since the release of Netflix’s The Witcher trailer yet it feels as if its been years. I’ve been a huge fan of the video game franchise since I was old enough to get my hands on the first copy of Witcher II. I never really got into the books, but when I heard that this show was finally being created I went out and bought a few of them to start. I cannot even begin to fathom how incredible this show will be, especially with Henry Cavill playing the part of Geralt.

The Cast

Obviously Geralt of Rivia will be played by Henry Cavill, who it turns out is a massive super fan of the character and video games! He is someone who I would’ve never guessed to be into something like this, but I guess that’s why you don’t judge a book by its cover. I’m also super excited to see Yennefer and Ciri in the trailer as they are such critical characters throughout most of Geralt’s adventures. They will be played by Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan, both of whom have no been in to many things in their showbiz careers. It also looks as if we will have Triss and Queen Calanthe throughout the first season as well, so we will just be seeing tons of awesome interactions between Geralt and these other characters.

Release Date, Random Facts, and Rumors

The exact date has not yet been released, but according to Netflix’s (report?) we should expect The Witcher to be released in Q4 (October-December) of 2019. I’m reallllllllllly hoping it’s more towards the October side of that spectrum, but even December isn’t that far away in the whole scope of things. One other thing I found extremely interesting was how Cavill was cast. Apparently he just non stop bugged his agents and the showrunners until they finally realized they wanted him to play Geralt. The showrunner (Lauren Hissrich) actually said that they met with 207 potential Geralts before she realized the voice that she imagined Geralt having was Cavill’s all along. Another thing that intrigued me was that Hissrich said the show would be extremely similar to the novel series, and even that a lot of the dialogue they used came straight from the books. She also mentioned that they found a lot of “blurred lines” of sorts within the books and will really dive into those areas. So basically all of the book readers out there will be getting tons of easter eggs throughout the first season.

Additional Seasons

From what the internet says, the higher ups at Netflix are already in love with this show and want more seasons. No one knows how many seasons they want of course, but with seven books and countless other reading materials I bet we get at least five or six seasons out of The Witcher. Maybe this will be the show that finally fills the dire wolf sized void that Game of Thrones has left me to deal with. I would also assume if season one goes as well as everyone is already thinking it will that they will be pumping seasons out like hot cakes. Netflix will definitely want this to be its Game of Thrones, and I 100% have a feeling that it could get that big.

Monsters/Villains I’d Love to See

  • Gaunter O’Dimm: I think it would be awesome to see the Man of Glass himself make an appearance throughout the show. He can make deals with people in exchange for their souls and can also control time with a simple clap of the hands. Something like that would be insanely interesting to see depicted on screen. He falls somewhat later into Geralt’s storyline however, so I don’t know how realistic this request would be. All I know is it would be awesome to see the villain that many believe to be the greatest written villain in the witcher trilogy.
  • The Wild Hunt: Another group of villains that fall later in Geralt’s stories are The Wild Hunt. I strictly want to see them at some point because they remind me of Sauron from LOTR. I think they could cause a crapload of drama if cast as the main villains of a season too, but I mainly just want that Lord of the RIngs vibe snuck into The Witcher.
  • Letho of Gullet: Letho was probably one of my favorite characters throughout The Witcher franchise. He was known as a Kingslayer and studied under the school of the viper, so there are plenty of opportunities for his character to make an appearance if the show is cast in the right time period of Geralt’s travels. Letho also reminds me of Tom Hardy’s rendition of Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. How dope would it be to have Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy on screen together just running amok across The Continent!
  • Dagon: This water looking monster creature is one of the bosses from The Witcher games. It is an underwater being who happens to be worshipped by the vodyanoi and other small sects of humans. It is believed that he is a god at the bottom of a lake who is waiting for the right astrological configuration to return to the lands and wreak havoc to all of its inhabitants. There are so many different takes on what he looks like out on the internet and I really think Netflix could put something amazing together for this evil monster god.
  • Foglet: I Included Foglets mainly for the hope of getting to see them in action again. THey were one of the coolest things to fight in The Witcher III and once again, I think Netflix would slay a necrophage monster looks-wise. It would also be a great way to showcase more of Geralt’s Sign abilities, but I’m sure we will get plenty of that in season one anyways.

It’s safe to say that I am fan-boying so hard right now in anticipation of this show! As one of my favorite video game series of all time, I can’t wait to see what all gets included in the show. And I will be reading all of the books over the next few months just to make sure I understand as much as possible about Geralt and his companions. Be sure to check back for more detailed explanations and information on Netflix’s The Witcher over the next few months. Thanks for the read!

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