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‘Veronica Mars’ season 5 is put on hold indefinitely

Rob Thomas said that he hasn’t discussed with Hulu the possibility to bring back ‘Veronica Mars’ for a fifth season, although he hasn’t ruled out Season 5.

As you may know, ‘Veronica Mars’ was initially a The CW show that aired from 2004 to 2006 about a young detective that solved crimes in her hometown in California. 10 years after it premiered, creator Rob Thomas launched a Kickstarter campaign to make a Veronica Mars movie, raising $5.7 million to make the film. Last year, Hulu launched a fourth eight-episode season.

Hulu always saw the fourth season as a limited series, but some believed its critical success, good fan reception and open ending would lead to a fifth season. The fourth installment showed us an unknown side of the character played by Kristen Bell: a flawed, traumatized adult. But some fans were not happy with the end

“Veronica is still in her wedding dress when Logan is killed,” wrote Kelly Connolly from TV Guide, back in July. “Every element of his senseless death feels engineered to be as devastating as possible. Thematically, the twist hammers home a common element of Veronica Mars: the chaotic, unfair brutality of the world, which hits some people over and over while seemingly leaving others, sometimes the worst people, unscathed.”

“But it leaves an aftertaste more bitter than I think the show intended,” she added. “It sends the message that Veronica is right to be so cynical; she doesn’t actually have any control over the hand she’s dealt in life.”

But even as the last season had this unexpected turn and was quite successful, it doesn’t seem that the streamer will pick up the show for a fifth season. The creator, Rob Thomas, said the installment as Hulu was “a bridge to what Veronica Mars might be moving forward,” hinting he had more to come but Hulu is not interested in it in the short-term.

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