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Will Season 6 be the end for Bojack Horseman?

Is that it for Bojack Horseman? I mean, we can’t really tell, can we?

The American adult animated and tragicomedy web television series has succeeded to complete 6 seasons on the streaming giant. It was a long road––from the 22nd of August 2014 to the 25th of October 2019. It was able to garner 69 (yup, you saw that right) long episodes. Season 6 has been divided into two with the second half debuting the rest of the episodes on the 31st of January 2020

Man, outside of the fanbase of Rick and MortyBojack Horseman‘s fanbase has kept their sanity pretty well with them knowing the concept of the show. And to the producers and managers, kudos to you for handling them equally well. With the rise of mental illnesses including depression amongst all else, Bojack has been an epitome of comical relief––both relating and experiencing. Outside of mental illnesses, the show also shines light on racism, addiction, sexism and other physiological and psychological behaviours. Ever since the first season, this show has garnered quite the following if i do say so myself.

Will Arnett holds the banner of the legendary voice of Bojack with trusty sidekick Todd Chavez, who is voiced by Aaron Paul, even looks like his character quite honestly. Princess Carolyn, played by Amy Sedaris, is the ex-girlfriend-and-then-girlfriend-again of Bojack who’s kind of by his side for the most part. Alison Brie and Paul F. Tompkins round out the cast, playing Diane Nguyen and Mr. Peanutbutter respectively. It doesn’t get anymore Hollywood than that, am I right?

The question is, will it be coming back for its seventh season? Every one of the fans are waiting for the second half of the the sixth season, which will be arriving before February. Speculation has circled the internet because creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg added four extra episodes to the second half maybe wrapping up the whole show, although Netflix officially announced that the sixth season will be last one.

Let’s just see, shall we? For now, let’s just hope for what’s best for the series. Maybe the extra 4 episodes are what we all needed in the first place, making it grand and sentimental.

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  1. Is this fuckin article serious ? Netflix canceled the show and whomever wrote this either doesn’t seem to know that or is pretending that it isn’t. Either way, wtf

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