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You Season 3 is confirmed by Netflix – Coming in 2021

The stalking is coming back to Netflix as their hit series You is renewed for a third season.

This isn’t surprising to You fans, quite frankly, as the series had all the potential to become great, and it has given its audience just that. The second season barely stayed in the year 2019, as it was released days before the start of a new decade. Of course, that didn’t stop the series to become the 5th-most popular Netflix show of the year, despite it barely being released in 2019.

Let’s not dwell on that further, shall we? The real news here is that it’s finally confirmed! We’re getting the third season of You around 2021, the streaming giant confirmed. Also, the newest season will boast of 10 episodes.

With the show comes its stars. I mean, if we’re not getting Penn Badgley to play Joe Goldberg in the series then why are we even bothering to watch? With Badgley, Victoria Pedretti will be back to play Love Quinn, the eventual love interest of Goldberg in the second season of You. This means Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti are also spearheading the series as executive producers, with the former being the show runner as usual.

You‘s first season was first premiered by Lifetime. The network thought it’d be wise to come up with a second and voila, the second season was sought out by Netflix before its debut, making it a Netflix Original. The success it garnered over the amount of time the series has existed, I think we can say that You found a home in Netflix. Can we all agree what a poetic line that is?

Nevertheless, if you still haven’t watched the series then please get on the You choo-choo train. Both seasons are now streaming on Netflix and when you finish, we’ll see you on the third season. 😉

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